Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New additon to the store - Otro producto en la tienda

I just added this pillow case to my online store.
This pillow case has a story.
The yellow fabric is raw silk, and I purchased it at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, in Lincoln, NE. That was the day when they had their Grand Opening. It was a beautiful experience for my husband and me. There was a long line at the front door, waiting until the place opened, at it was not warm that day, it was March 31st, I believe, three years ago. Anyway, when the doors opened, we all went in, and all the people stayed in the main floor, which appeared to be the logical thing to do. I grabbed my husband's hand and told him, let's go upstairs, to the gallery, first. So there we went, and we were the very first people entering that gallery. When we opened the door, several women (volunteers) were there, standing, waiting for the guests to come in, smiling faces, welcoming us to a beautiful place that held two different exhibitions at that time: Nancy Crow: Cloth, Culture, Context, and Quilts in Common.
What a wonderful time we had there!

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