Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When I place an order,  Vlisco sends me a couple of calendars made with their fabric. As I do not own a fabric and mortar store, I have no room to display them, so I keep them as just fabric. I got two calendars in 2011, and they have been sleeping on a shelf for two years now, waiting for their opportunity to make an appearance to the world.

A few days back, I had an epiphany. Duh!, if they are fabric, why don't I use them as fabric. Said and done, here is the first actor in this show.

And as luck as you have, it is available here!
Thank you for your visit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back in the Mood

Yes, it has been a while since I posted here. I have been really busy trying to revamp my Etsy shop. I have had that shop for some time now, but the truth is that I was not paying attention to it as I should have. Why, I wonder. Well, maybe it had to do with some other life events that took my attention. Last February, my granddaughter Marina was born and I made some quilts for her. I spent some time in Spain, too. Then, Máximo, my grandson, was born in October. A quilt for him, too, and a comforter sham for the bed he will use when he grows up (not far from now, though, the boy outgrows his little pajamas at a fast pace). I spent some time in Spain for that event, too. There is also the work, let us not forget that important part of life. Geez, I am a busy bee!


During the last part of 2012, I started looking at my Etsy shop differently. I have spent many hours taking new pictures of my products, listing new fabrics, learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), improving my descriptions, networking within Etsy, translating my shop into Spanish (this is a work in progress), thinking of new ways of doing things and new ideas for products.

Are you exhausted at this point?

I am not, I am exhilarated. I must be doing something right, my efforts are getting some results. The views have increased significantly, the sales are still slow, but they are coming. And most important, I am having fun and a sense of purpose. I think I know where I want to go, the direction I want my business to take. In other words, I think I know what I want to be when I grow up (still more).


I am introducing a new line of products designed and handmade by me. Here is the first member, its name is Victoria and you can find it here. I am back in the mood!