Monday, October 4, 2010

N.E.W. Quilt Show

What a wonderful time we had in Gillette, Wyoming!
The North East Wyoming Quilt Show gathered over 200 quilts, a great deal of talent over there. I specially liked the raffle quilt, "Moroccan Tile", with very subtle colors, calm and quiet, very beautiful. I also liked the ribbons: each one had a tile like the ones in the quilt, very nice idea.
We met a lot of people, and I saw many others that I had already met before at different quilt events. I have to apologize publicly because I cannot remember all the names, but I sure do remember the faces. I had met some of those ladies at the Black Hills Quilt Show in Rapid City, and one of them, Marva, talked to Bobbie about me, so she invited me to participate in this event. Thank you, Marva and Bobbie.
Marva also introduced me to Diana, the Northeast Regional Director of the Wyoming State Quilt Guild, who invited me to do a presentation of Texture Magic for the ladies attending Diana's classes next door. Thank you, Diana, for your interest, and for this opportunity to reach all these quilters.
For the first time, I included thread and fabric in my booth. I had some cotton batiks and rayon batiks from Bali, and also my beloved African fabrics, which drew a lot of attention because they are not so commonly seen.
We also had our jams and preserves, not very usual at quilt shows either.
We would like to repeat this great experience next year.
A final note: what is the expression I most hear when I show how Texture Magic works?
"I'll be darned!"

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