Monday, December 6, 2010


Back to Rapid City a week ago.
Today, I got the Creative Cue from Three Creative Studios. I started reading their blog some time ago, but have never sent anything.
The creative cue for today is "ornament", and as I am helplessly attached to the computer, working with the call center, I started drawing what came to my mind about ornament. Pretty quick, Mother Nature gave me the perfect ornament: Gustavo and his buddies on our crab apple tree.
So here they are, defying balance in both physical and aesthetic senses.
After all, who says that ornaments need to be smaller than the object they adorn?


  1. Great idea for the ornament cue. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Veo que has vuelto a casa,seguro que has pasado unas maravillosas vacaciones. Y dices que alli hace mas frío.....?
    Un beso