Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Wall

Some years ago, I pieced the batik fabrics with the intention of making a quilt, I do not even remember what was in my mind at that time. At some point, though, after I had pieced them, my inspiration left me and the strips were put away in a box.

Later on, in July 2011, I saw this photo by Spanish photographer Javier Berasaluce, and I told him I was keeping it. I printed it and pinned it to my cork board. I found it very inspiring, although I needed a long time for it to come to a boil. But it eventually happened and all those little strips got out of the box and were put together.

I had ordered a bolt of the black and white fabric, which is still for sale in my shop, and I envisioned it as a way to break the three different sections as well as adding a distinct texture. When I cut the strips, I was amazed at the effect: it looked like lace. I loved it.

The quilt was finished in 2015 and is now covering my bed in Spain.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to your post with me. I think in some ways our process is similar as we both seem to absorb the image or what we connect to in the image, and then find a way to allow it to come back out.

  2. Angela, Thanks for your comment on my blog patty the quilt lady about my scraps and trip to IKEA. I agree scraps are a constant challenge! I just want to reduce mine. There is a lot of money tied up in all those scraps so it is time to turn them into quilts. I looked at some of your quilts and you look like you know how to use a scrap for sure! Your quilts are lovely!